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Janes Diary


Trip to Nazareth Hospital 30.08.2014 to 03.09.2014

Janes Arm vor der Behandlung

Behandlung für Janes Arm


Die erforderlichen Geldmittel für die Behandlung von Jane sind Dank zahlreicher Spenden vorhanden. 
Herzlichen Dank an alle Spender, Jane war ganz gerührt von der tollen Unterstützung!!!


On 31st September 2014 Reiner and I travelled with Jane to Nazareth Hospital in Nairobi to meet the Kenyan Dr. James and the German Dr. Scholz. Jane’s right elbow was broken 5 years ago and since that time she has limited mobility in her arm.
The Doctor’s diagnosis was that an operation would not increase the mobility in Jane’s arm and was therefore not advisable. Instead the Doctors decided to stretch the arm under full anesthesia. This procedure combined with consequent follow-up treatments and physiotherapy will improve Jane’s mobility and movement. This makes us all very happy.
In the following diary, Jane describes her experiences on this exciting journey.
Alexandra and Reiner



Day 1 The night before we left


We celebrated for the opening ceremony of schools and the SOH children also prayed for me for a safe journey and successful treatment of my arm.

Lilian, my youngest sister was crying as she was worried and I had to cheer her up.

Then I went to bed early that day so I could wake up early.


Day 2 Travelling to Nairobi

I got up at 6:30 on Sunday morning and then my sisters Michelle and Lilian escorted me to the hotel where we picked up Alex and Reiner.

Then we reached the bus station where it was very crazy.

Shoutings, hooting, laughings and scoldings.

We waited for the bus for about 30 minutes. When the bus was there we had to say „Good bye“ to Lilian, Michelle, Sister Agnes and Tony.

During the journey Fatma our hostess introduced us in bus then we were given nuts, cookies, water and soda.

Unfortunately the bus was too slow and had a technical problem when we reached Nairobi, 1km to our destination the bus stopped and we had to exchange the bus in the middle of the night on a very crazy street.

On the bus station we could not identify our taxi driver-but finally Alex found him.

The driver was very friendly, his name was Joseph. He showed us each and every place and when we reached the hotel the price of the hotel was more expensive than we expected. Since it was night we had to pay whatever they asked us.

We went to bed late after having a very good waiter serving us with very good food.

We were taken to our rooms, I slept with Alex in one room, but different beds. My bed was very bouncy with lots of bed sheets which acted like bullet proof for me. Alex had to remove one bed sheet because they were too heavy for her.

We slept a very heavy sleep.


Day 3 Nazareth Hospital

We woke up at 7:00 and we took our breakfast.

David our driver drove us to the Nazareth hospital. The hospital had beautiful flowers and was big with many rooms.

We went to the reception, payed for seeing the doctor and stayed for 1 hour then we were called to the theater.

The doctor had forgotten the X-Ray back in Germany, so we had to go for another X-Ray. We went to the wrong room and stayed there for another hour. One of the workers directed us to the X—Ray room. We went to the reception again, paid and went back to the X-Ray doctor.


He gave me a board to keep my hand and then he took a picture of my bones from 2 sides.

I was told to wait outside for 15 minutes. We went back to wait for the doctor who came out after 30 minutes. He was talking in German to Alex and Reiner so I couldn`t understand it, but his expression was bad.

Afterwards Alex and Reiner explained that the operation was too risky for the bones, because the bones were tricky but the skin was OK. The German doctor and his wife were very friendly and they were smiling at me.

We waited for the final words from Dr. James who was still working in the theater.

We went out to buy some lunch and sat in the garden to eat. After 30 minutes Reiner was called by the doctor.

We had to go, and then the doctor said that yes the operation was risky but the arm could still be treated by manipulation and stretching so we had to make an appointment there the next morning at 8:00.


Day 4 Treatment

The doctor told me not to have breakfast so I took a long time taking a hot shower.

Then we went to hospital again.

We were the first ones there.

We were called in the theater where I changed the clothes. It was a green dress and it smelled of hospital and medicine.

I was taken by the nurse and then she injected my hand and I was taken to bed and they gave me an infusion.

I said „ I feel dizzy“ and I slept for 1 hour.

When I woke up I was with some other very sick patients. The doctor gave me his phone to call Reiner but they where outside in the physio to by the arm-sling.

I went out and changed then we went out to the hospital garden where I slept in the grass for 1 more hour. The driver came to pick us up to the bus station.

There was a big traffic jam but we reached on time but we had to walk the rest of the distance to the station.

Then I slept in the bus and we reached Voi at 7:00 in the evening.

We had a heavy supper at Sister Genovefas place. She helped me to cut the Chapati into pieces on my plate.

I slept together in one room with Ann, Beatrice and another girl from Tanzania. They were very friendly – then I slept a very good sleep.


Day 5 Half a day in Voi

I woke up at 6 then went to the hospital to pray and came back and had breakfast.

My medicine was not there. Reiner and Alex came and gave me the medicine and we went back to Voi hospital again to see around.

The rooms there are finished and the theater is still under construction. The ultrasound computer works only in German language and they don`t know German.

We also saw some patients, one of them was very old and lived very far.

We went to see the Voi garden, the animals with pigs, chicken, dugs, geese and the dogs were barking. We saw the water filter and production of „Hope“ drinking water.

We went in Sister Genovefas office to sign the guest book and then we went to the Lion Hill in Tsavo East.

Afterwards we took lunch and took the bus back home.

On the road we saw dusty elephants. As the seats had no numbers the hostess told us to another seat and then finally we could relax.

We reached the bus station in Mombasa after 3 hours. We waited for Tony for some minutes and arrived at home where all children welcomed us.

It was a great journey and the doctors were very friendly and I dream of meeting them again-but not in hospital :-)

Now I will work hard with my physiotherapist Benjamin and I hope that I can strech my arm completely very soon.

I have to say THANK YOU to all people who contributed for my treatment , THANK YOU for thinking of me. It will be my pleasue to grow very well.

And tell people that I was once ill but now I am trated by the help of you.




Many greetings from Jane

Janes Arm nach der Behandlung
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